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Artistic Director: 
Mrs Janette Lorraine Harkness BA
Business Director: Mr. Hugh Harkness
We extend our warmest welcome! Monterey County Dance Theatres' rich history since 1958 provides an unequaled presence in Monterey County. Our unique curriculum, highly individualized study options, performance opportunities and attention to proper technique are taught with over 30 years of experience.

Our dancers have been accepted at premiere schools such as American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet. 

Very few dancers will go on to become professionals. At Monterey County Dance Theatre we recognize this, it is the dance journey, the sheer joy of studying dance that provides discipline, poise, confidence, awareness and appreciation of the arts that last long after the dance shoes are hung up. It is magical. 

Join us at Monterey County Dance Theatre and let the magic begin. 

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332 Bassett Street
King City, 93930
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